Betty Boop Collection


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Betty Boop Collection

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  • Age Rating (BBFC):U
  • Genre:Children, Animation
  • Imprint:Elstree Hill
  • Publisher:Pickwick Group

Supposedly inspired by actress Helen Kane, Betty Boop was the first authentic feminine cartoon character, and what a character! With her trademark garter, ample figure and numerous catchphrases, Betty Boop was an instant hit with cinema audiences during the 1930s.


  • Betty Boop’s Rise To Fame (18/5/34)
  • Betty Boop’s Crazy Inventions (27/1/33)
  • Be Human (20/11/36)
  • Betty Boop’s Ker-Choo (6/1/33)
  • More Pep (19/6/36)
  • No! No! A Thousand Times No! (24/5/35)
  • Betty Boop With Henry
  • The Funniest Living American (22/11/35)
  • Is My Palm Read (17/2/33)


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