Boy From Wolf Mountain


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Boy From Wolf Mountain

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  • Age Rating (BBFC):PG
  • Running Time (minutes):93
  • Genre:Feature, Children
  • Imprint:Boulevard Entertainment Ltd
  • Publisher:Boulevard Entertainment Ltd
  • Year:2006
Family drama starring Burt Reynolds and Jason Priestley. When young Aaron McGregor (Devin Douglas Drewitz) is orphaned, he is sent to live with an emotionally distant aunt and uncle who reluctantly take him in while still wrestling with their own personal demons. To make matters worse, Aaron is picked on mercilessly by the school bully. When he discovers a wounded baby wolf cub on a nearby hill, he takes it in and begins secretly caring for it. As his new friend becomes increasingly difficult to hide, Aaron and the cub grow more and more dependent on each other for their emotional and physical survival.


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