Camberwick Green – Complete Collection


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Camberwick Green – Complete Collection

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  • Age Rating (BBFC):U
  • Running Time (minutes):180
  • Genre:Children, Animation
  • Imprint:UCA
  • Publisher:Universal Pictures
  • Supplier:Sony DADC
  • Year:1966
All 13 episodes from the first series of the classic children’s animation, set in the toy village of Camberwick Green, deep in the Trumptonshire countryside, and populated by unforgettable characters such as Windy Miller, PC McGarry, and Mrs Honeyman. Episodes are: ‘Peter the Postman’; ‘Windy Miller’; ‘Mr Crockett the Garage Man’; ‘Doctor Mopp’; ‘Jonathan Bell the Farmer’; ‘Captain Snort’; ‘Paddy Murphy’; ‘Roger Varley the Sweep’; ‘PC McGarry’; ‘Mr Dagenham the Salesman’; ‘Mr Carraway the Fishmonger’; ‘Mickey Murphy the Baker’; and ‘Mrs Honeyman and Her baby’.


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