Dollar For The Dead (PG)


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Dollar For The Dead (PG)

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  • Age Rating (BBFC):PG
  • Running Time (minutes):95
  • Genre:Feature, Western
  • Imprint:Marquee
  • Publisher:Quantum Leap
  • Year:1998
Lone gunslinger Cowboy (Emilio Estevez) appears to exist solely to protect the weak from the many criminal elements inhabiting the lawless Wild West. One of the beneficiaries of his kindness tips him off about a horde of treasure, but in order to claim his reward, Cowboy has to shoot down opposition from two sides: a mercenary gang who have been on the treasure trail for years; and a band of self-elected lawmen, known as The Regulators, led by Cowboy’s nemesis, Reager (Howie Long).


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