Edmond (18)


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Edmond (18)

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  • Age Rating (BBFC):18
  • Running Time (minutes):82
  • Genre:Feature, Thriller
  • Imprint:Palisades Tartan
  • Publisher:Trinity Creative Partnership
  • Supplier:Sony DADC
  • Year:2005
Thriller based on the play by David Mamet. William H. Macy stars as Edmond Burke, a man who impulsively decides to have his fortune read on his way home from work one evening. The fortune teller informs him ‘you are not where you belong’. When Edmond arrives home, he soon starts an argument with his wife (Rebecca Pidgeon) and retreats into the city where he decides to go for a few drinks in a bar. Edmond finds himself striking up a conversation with a man (Joe Mantegna) who happens to share his racist views about the role of African-Americans in society. Suddenly Edmond starts to let go of his sense of self-control that has always dictated his actions and after a crawl through the city’s watering holes, strip clubs, gambling dens, and brothels, he comes face to face with the violence of the world, and unexpectedly finds himself responding in kind.


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