Frenemy (18)


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Frenemy (18)

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  • Age Rating (BBFC):18
  • Running Time (minutes):80
  • Genre:Feature, Comedy
  • Imprint:Signature Entertainment
  • Publisher:Signature Entertainment
  • Supplier:Technicolor
  • Year:2009
Philosophical comedy following two friends as they wander around Los Angeles speculating on love, life and the meaning of the cosmos. Mr Jack (Matthew Modine) and Sweet Stephen (Callum Blue) are an eccentric pair. Mr Jack fancies himself as something of a philosopher and is happy to pontificate on all matters to his friend, but Sweet Stephen is more impulsive and often leads the pair into action rather than contemplation. The city, however, is arguably the real eccentric of the film. On their wanderings in L.A. Mr Jack and Stephen come across a variety of bizarre characters and situations, including a criminal suffering a crisis of self-confidence and an unbelievably obnoxious talk show host.


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