Head Of State (12)


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Head Of State (12) Budget Ver.

Comedy written, directed by and starring comedian Chris Rock as Mays Gilliam, a small-time local politician from Washington DC who suddenly finds himself propelled into the spotlight when Washington selects him as a ‘stooge’ candidate just weeks before the Presidential elections. They need someone who’s certain to lose, and with Gilliam’s campaign team it’s looking very likely: his thuggish big brother Mitch (Bernie Mac), his ex-girlfriend Kim (Robin Givens) who had previously dumped him but now sees the opportunity to become first lady, and his cynical advisor Debra (Lynn Whitfield) seem hardly likely to make the grade. But Gilliam’s wild sense of humour, love of music and ability to get down with the people give a whole new meaning to the words ‘political party’, and it isn’t long before he’s gaining in the polls and on his way to making history as America’s first black president.


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