Hercules (15)


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Hercules (15)

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  • Age Rating (BBFC):15
  • Running Time (minutes):240
  • Genre:Television, Telefantasy
  • Imprint:Dazzler
  • Publisher:Spirit Entertainment
  • Year:2005
Epic television miniseries version of the classical legend, starring Paul Telfer as the Greek hero, son of the god Zeus and the mortal Alcmene (Elizabeth Perkins). Banished to the mountains by Zeus’ jealous wife Hera, Hercules is taught by his friend Linus (Sean Astin), and is later tricked into killing his sons, an act for which he is commanded by King Eurystheus (Kristian Schmid) to repent by completing 12 dangerous tasks. As Hercules undertakes his labours, including slaying the Nemean Lion, defeating the Hydra and stealing the apples of the Hesperides, he is joined by Linus as his unofficial bard.


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