La Cucaracha/ Aurora (15)


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La Cucaracha/ Aurora (15)


Earth 2200 and seven explorers have been sent on a mission to its sister planet Aurora to survey it for future habitation. But their ship breaks down as they near the planet and they are forced to crash land on the planet’s surface where they come across acute heat, poisonous water and ferocious storms. With their lives at stake, the seven men must use their experience and travel on foot for four hundred miles to the ship’s lost supply bunkers.

La Cucaracha

Walter Pool (Eric Roberts) came to Mexico looking for inspiration for his novel, but found only despair, disillusion and broken dreams. Years later, Walter is still in Mexico, living in an abandoned shack, spending all his time drunk. Out of the blue, he is given a chance to start again when someone offers him $100,000 to kill a man. The money will allow him to straighten his life out, but earning it will require that he surrender his last shred of self-respect. Now Walter must make the most important choice of his life.


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