Live Feed


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Live Feed

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  • Age Rating (BBFC):18
  • Running Time (minutes):79
  • Genre:Feature, Horror
  • Imprint:Film 2000
  • Publisher:Film 2000
  • Year:2006
Oriental-themed gore fest horror film uses the ‘group of friends find themselves in hot water’ plot so beloved of the genre. Five young Americans on a trip to Asia are disturbed by a meat stall at a market where a sinister character is butchering a dog. Later in a bar, they encounter Mike (Kevan Ohtsji) a suave Chinese man who befriends them. One of the group, Mike (Lee Tichon) spills a drink on a triad boss (Stephen Chang) who’s out for a jar with his goons and Miles has to defuse the situation, ushering his new pals out the door. They then find an adult theatre and decide it would be a laugh but Miles pleads with them not to enter. Inside, it turns out that the butcher from the market is the star performer, carving up fresh meat for the gang boss they met earlier who watches via live-feed. The thing is, the butcher has moved on from canine victims…


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