Mighty Boosh, Series 2


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Mighty Boosh, Series 2

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  • Age Rating (BBFC):15
  • Running Time (minutes):180
  • Genre:Television, Comedy
  • Imprint:2 Entertain
  • Publisher:2 Entertain
  • Supplier:Sony DADC
  • Year:2005
Complete second series of the off-beat BBC television comedy. Howard (Julian Barratt) and Vince (Noel Fielding), two workers in a run-down zoo, are often called upon to put their jobs before their pride. That means dressing up as animals and sitting in cages because their boss, American entrepreneur Bob Fossil (Rich Fulcher), can’t afford any real animals. Vince accepts the situation happily, quite in contrast to his grandiose, tweed-wearing colleague. But their jobs involve much more than just dressing up. In this series, the lads have formed their own band and manage to move on from the zoo, a situation that results in them confronting a deranged demonic granny, and trying to find the legendary Fountain of Youth to revive their flagging fortunes. Episodes are: ‘The Call of the Yeti’; ‘The Priest and the Beast’; ‘Nanageddon’; ‘Fountain of Youth’; ‘Old Gregg and the Funky Merman’; and ‘The Nightmare of Milky Joe’.


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