Mortal Engines (12) 2018 3D+BR


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Mortal Engines (12) 2018 3D+BR

Product Details

  • Age Rating (BBFC):12
  • Running Time (minutes):128
  • Genre:Feature, Sci-Fi
  • Imprint:Universal Pictures
  • Publisher:Universal Pictures
  • Supplier:Cinram
  • Year:2018
Post-apocalyptic adventure starring Hugo Weaving. Set in the future where cities are motorised and capable of consuming smaller traction towns Thaddeus Valentine (Weaving) is the chief navigator of London, one of the most powerful predator cities in the world. When she was only eight years old Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar)’s mother (Caren Pistorius) was murdered by Thaddeus. Years later Hester enlists the help of rogue outlaw Anna Fang (Jihae) and outcast Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheehan) to seek retribution for her mother’s death.


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