Only The Brave (15) 2006


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Only The Brave (15) 2006

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  • Age Rating (BBFC):15
  • Running Time (minutes):99
  • Genre:Feature, War
  • Imprint:Scanbox Entertainment
  • Publisher:High Fliers Video Distribution
  • Year:2006
World War II drama based on real events. In 1944 a US Army regiment, dubbed ‘the Lost Batallion’, has become surrounded by Nazis in the French mountains. The 100th/442nd Combat Team, known as ‘the Purple Heart Battalion’ and comprised entirely of second-generation Japanese-American volunteers, is given orders to rescue them no matter what the cost. Having already fought bitter prejudices to be recognised as a fighting unit, the team sets out courageously on this impossibly dangerous mission, and eventually manages to break through the German lines. But its success comes at a tremendous price, and the unit suffers over 800 casualties to save the 211 surviving soldiers of the Lost Batallion.


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