Prototype 2 (18)


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Prototype 2 (18)

Product Details

  • Age Rating (BBFC):18
  • Genre:Adventure: Free Roaming
  • Publisher:Activision
  • PEGI Certificate:18+
  • Players:1
  • Developer:Radical Entertainment
“The first [PROTOTYPE] game took a city-wide sandbox and basically gave you leave to run off and destroy it with your massively amped-up superpowers. You clearly didn’t do that good a job, though, because [PROTOTYPE2] takes you back to a post-viral New York Zero for a second rampage! This time out you play Sgt. James Heller, a soldier on his way back from tours of Afghanistan and Iraq. Before he makes it home, however, tragedy strikes and there’s a second outbreak of what’s now known as the Mercer Virus. He finds his family dead at the hands of virus victims and blames Alex Mercer, who’s thought to be spreading the disease. When Heller’s mortally wounded and revived by Mercer – gaining shape-shifting powers in the process – things get decidedly more complicated… [PROTOTYPE2] features the same shape-shifting, over-powered gameplay as its predecessor. Players will run rampant over the infected New York Zero, using their abilities for super-powered parkour, gliding over rooftops and shredding through enemies with razor-sharp claws. As a shape-shifter, the list of abilities at your disposal goes on and on. As a soldier, you’re also a bit more likely to put artillery to use than Mercer was in the original. Of course, given your exceptional abilities that artillery is as likely to be a whole tank as it is a handgun! Also new to the game is the extensive list of challenges and mini-games that makes up the Radnet Content. Events include the likes of cross-city races and a ‘bowling’ game in which you leap off buildings and attempt to scatter as many civilians as possible with a ground-pound! Disease is a messy business. Might as well mess things up a bit more with a spot of dismemberment…”


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