Rapala Tournament Fishing


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Rapala Tournament Fishing

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  • Genre:Sport: Angling
  • Publisher:Activision
  • PEGI Certificate:3+
“Whether you’re new to the genre or an experienced TV angler, Rapala Tournament Fishing is ideal fodder for messing about on the virtual river. Tournament mode gives you the full Rapala fishing experience. Start out as a novice angler who’s light in tackle and compete your way to pro status with a boatful of trophy fish and awesome angling gear. Your mission is to advance through the various tournaments by achieving both tournament goals and qualifiers. As you make your way through each tournament, you’ll unlock various items of equipment. Free Fishing allows you to fish in any location and try out the gear you’ve unlocked in the tournaments. You can practice your casting and get to know your gear better. Arcade mode provides short bursts of play in which you can jump into the action at any moment. You are presented with a challenge in a given area and have to complete successfully to earn points. Completion of Arcade mode unlocks a new boat and a new level. Time Trial requires you to prove your skill, knowledge of fish and fishing techniques within a certain amount of time. In each Time Trial, you will receive a list of fish to catch. The challenge is to find the right lure for the right fishing location. Success in Time Trial means unlocking a new level and boat.”


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