Red Scorpion/Frankenhooker


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Red Scorpion/Frankenhooker

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  • Age Rating (BBFC):18
  • Running Time (minutes):180
  • Genre:Feature, Action
  • Imprint:Synergy
  • Publisher:Pinnacle
  • Year:1990
A double bill of action/comedy. In ‘Red Scorpion’ Nikolai (Dolph Lundgren) is a Russian Spetznaz agent assigned to murder the leader of an African rebel movement. When he encounters the guerrilla faction, Nikolai discovers that he is sympathetic to their cause, and plagued by doubt, he botches the assassination. After being captured by the rebels, he is left in the desert to die, but is rescued by local bushmen. He adopts their lifestyle and launches a revenge attack against his former employers. In ‘Frankenhooker’ mad scientist Jeffrey Franken’s fiancĂ©e is chopped to bits by a lawnmower, he re-builds her from the head down, murdering New York prostitutes for spare parts. The result is a monstrous killer hooker who wreaks havoc on 42nd Street; can Jeffrey track her down in time to save countless lives and find true love?


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