Sex Tape Scandal/ Whisper Kill


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Sex Tape Scandal/ Whisper Kill

The Sex Tape Scandal

A luxury callgirl was killed and the policeman who investigates the case discovers some video tapes with pornographical contents which the victim has recorded obviously in order to blackmail important personalities.


Supernatural thriller. When David Sandborn (Blake Woodruff), the ten-year-old son of a wealthy New England socialite (Teryl Rothery), is kidnapped, his abductor, Max Truemont (Josh Holloway), and his seedy henchmen assume it will be a routine snatch in exchange for a nice big ransom. Unbeknown to the kidnappers, however, the shy and reserved David has his own agenda, and a mysterious way of seeing into other people’s minds. Soon, Max and his cronies will wish that they had never even heard of David, much less abducted the boy…


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