Son of No One (15) 2011


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Son of No One (15) 2011

Product Details

  • Age Rating (BBFC):15
  • Running Time (minutes):90
  • Genre:Feature, Thriller
  • Imprint:Lionsgate UK
  • Publisher:Elevation Sales
  • Supplier:Elevation Sales
  • Year:2011
In this crime thriller from director Dito Montiel, a cop assigned to his old neighborhood faces a test of loyalties when secrets from his past threaten his family and future. When local reporter Loren Bridges (Juliette Binoche) starts printing stories from an unknown source about a potential police cover-up of a double murder 16 years ago, cop Jonathan White (Channing Tatum) returns to his old Queens precinct to help in the investigation. But as the evidence mounts and suspicion falls on former detective Charles Stanford (Al Pacino), Jonathan soon finds himself forced to do whatever it takes to protect his family and his colleages when buried events return to haunt him…


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