The Curse Of The Nun (15)


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Curse Of The Nun, The (15)

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  • Age Rating (BBFC):15
  • Running Time (minutes):77
  • Genre:Feature, Horror
  • Imprint:High Fliers Video Distribution
  • Publisher:High Fliers Video Distribution
  • Year:2018
Low-budget American horror following a young woman who is haunted by a demonic nun. As Anna (Lacy Hartselle) prepares to finally move in to the family home of her dreams, she discovers a malevolent spirit doesn’t want her to leave so soon. Troubled by the supernatural goings-on in the house, Anna begins researching the paranormal and discovers her tormentor is the spirit of a nun named Sister Catherine (Rae Hunt), who is the protector of the house and wants Anna to take her place…


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