Thunderbirds, Volume 4 (U)


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Thunderbirds, Volume 4 (U)

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  • Age Rating (BBFC):U
  • Running Time (minutes):194
  • Genre:Television, Children
  • Imprint:Carlton Visual Entertainment
  • Year:1965
Four more episodes of Gerry Anderson’s cult Supermarionation series. In ‘Vault of Death’, a bank worker becomes trapped in a time-locked safe, with oxygen rapidly running out. ‘The Might Atom’ sees the Hood stealing a robotic rodent which he plans to use to spy on International Rescue. In ‘City of Fire’, a fire in a shopping mall requires the use of Brain’s untested new cutting gas – but will it be safe? ‘The Imposters’ sees a bogus group impersonating the International Rescue team in an attempt to discredit them.


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