Universal Soldier, the Return


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Universal Soldier, the Return

Product Details

  • Age Rating (BBFC):18
  • Running Time (minutes):79
  • Genre:Feature, Sci-Fi
  • Imprint:Sony Pictures Home Ent.
  • Publisher:Sony Pictures Home Ent.
  • Supplier:Sony DADC
  • Year:1999
Having survived the violence and turmoil of his previous existence, Luc Deveraux (Jean-Claude Van Damme) has started a family and is working as a technical consultant on the Universal Soldier programme. The new generation of cyborg soldiers are overseen by the S.E.T.H. supercomputer and are even more deadly than before. Danger arises when S.E.T.H. becomes sentient and tries to negate Deveraux by kidnapping his daughter. With his family at stake, the Universal Soldier must return into action.


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