Vanilla Sky (15)


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Vanilla Sky (15)

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  • Age Rating (BBFC):15
  • Running Time (minutes):130
  • Genre:Feature, Drama
  • Imprint:Paramount Home Entertainment
  • Publisher:Universal Pictures
  • Supplier:Cinram
  • Year:2001
David Aames (Tom Cruise) is a vain middle-aged playboy who seems to have it all – he’s inherited a multi-million dollar publishing firm from his father and his good looks and charm attract women to him like moths to a lightbulb. Though sleeping occasionally with his friend Julie (Cameron Diaz), when introduced to Sofia (Penelope Cruz) by a mutual friend suddenly David is touched by the possibility of real love. Excited by the meeting they arrange to meet again, but when Julie discovers the betrayal obsession rears its ugly head, and she decides to drive herself and David off a cliff. She dies and he survives but his face is hideously scarred by the accident. Despite his emotional and physical damage David and Sofia begin a relationship. But troubled by visions of Julie, David decides to kill her, smothering her with a pillow, but in reality he has killed Sofia. Accused of murder, he tries to piece together the truth to psychiatrist McCabe (Kurt Russell), only to discover that he has unwittingly become a client of the Life Extension Corporation and not all is as it seems…


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