Wild About Harry (15)


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Wild About Harry (15)

Product Details

  • Age Rating (BBFC):15
  • Running Time (minutes):93
  • Genre:Feature, Comedy
  • Imprint:VVL
  • Publisher:Universal Pictures
  • Supplier:Cinram
  • Year:2000
Middle-aged TV chef Harry McGee (Brendon Glesson) is having a hard time lately. His wife Ruth (Amanda Donohoe) is threatening to leave him, his drinking habit is getting worse, and his kids won’t speak to him. But after he gets beaten into a coma by some muggers after work one night, he wakes up six days later to discover that he has shed 25 years of memory and now has the attitude and experience of an enthusiastic 18-year-old. With his final divorce hearing due in two weeks time, the now-youthful Harry sets out to save his flagging career and woo the bewildered Ruth all-over again.


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